Monday, September 22, 2008

Mini Review: R/R Coseboom - Beneath Trembling Lanterns

Artist: R/R Coseboom
Album: Beneath Trembling Lanterns
Year: 2006
Rating: 5/5

(Written in May 2008?)

This album must be among Rebecca and Ryan's best works. For this project, the two Cosebooms have invested a lot of spare time into a sound that's different from what you can hear in Halou's albums. In the end, they've developed a form of trip-hop that's more inclined towards experimentation and that's more intimate than ever. What we have in the end is an excellent album for late night poetic moods. Speaking of poetry, the lyrics are very sincere and often very bizarre - in addition to Rebecca's voice, which often is altered in the most inventive ways (see "Soft Breasts and Ice Cream"). Indeed, the songs suffer of overdubs and excessive processing. However, the results are surprisingly good. If their next album is as half as good as this one, we won't have to worry anymore about the fact that Halou has recently changed their format (see "Sawtooth EP").

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