Monday, September 22, 2008

Mini Review: The Science Teacher - Parallelism

Artist: The Science Teacher
Album: Parallelism (EP)
Year: 2007
Rating: 4/5

(Written in May 16, 2008)

You'd expect from Halou's Ryan Coseboom to come up with another fancy downtempo electronica affair, but after the surprisingly experimental R/R Coseboom full-length album, "Beneath Trembling Lanterns", Ryan developed a curious solo side-project that's vaguely reminiscent of R/R Coseboom which, what's even more curious, was called The Science Teacher. "Parallelism" (a name that suits the "science teaching" theme well), an EP that ends a bit too soon, sums up almost 20 minutes of abstract music that could probably be called "leftfield" or "ambient". The subject of the songs are probably middle age crisis and the "benefits" of an artifical world (see the "factory flowers"), considering the cold, low-key music that often uses pieces of various noise. Only with a slight hint at the sweet trip-hop music Halou have been making in nearly a decade, "Parallelism" might be worth checking if you're a Halou fan that also happens to (somewhat) like leftfield/ambient music. The quality of "Parallelism" is though much more hidden than on any of Ryan's previous works. In the end, I would also note that the package is awesome, but it's extremely hard to find.

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